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MediaSources XMLs? Playlists? WHS?

Jun 19, 2010 at 5:05 PM


Using 2.5 with Win7 x64 and having a bit of frustration.

1) Is there a way to control what media appears?  I've tried editing the Local.xml and removing what I don't want to appear from my libraries but upon loading clipshow again it overwrites my changes and reloads everything.  

2) Playlists will not save to Users\Public\Public Videos\clipShow playlists.  I create a playlist with media items in media center, save it (or so I think), but the playlist file never appears.  Where is the playlist folder setting defined?  Can I try changing it to somewhere else?  I doubt this is a permissions problem though....  What format is the playlist supposed to be created in?  Do you have a sample so I can just manually create one?

3) Media from my WHS does not appear.  I've enabled the guest account on my WHS just to be sure but still no videos get pulled in.  But if I copy a video to my Win7 user's downloads directory, it appears just fine.

Looks like a great product though!  Exactly what I'm looking for to make my WHS feel just like another TV channel! :)